The Paintry of Valgrande

Valgrande has always been linked to the search of typical dishes and traditional products to propose to its guests, but from today these delicacies will not be reserved for our guests only – “La dispensa di Valgrande” (The Paintry of Valgrande) is born!

“La dispensa di Valgrande” is our new line of traditional products made with raw materials gathered here in the Valgrande Fund, our farmhouse!

Each month, “La dispensa di Valgrande” will be enriched with new products, all made by us thanks to the attention and the love that Monica and her staff put into the preparation of each product. That’s what gives that “special touch” that you will also find in the dishes of our farmhouse.

The products of “La dispensa di Valgrande” will be available both at the Azienda Agrituristica Valgrande (Valgrande Farmhouse) in the real pantry we have at the entrance, and at the new shop “La bottega dell’Agricoltore” in Piazza Annonaria in Rovigo!

The first products that will be immediately on sale and available are the famous “Bigoli all’uovo” (a kind of egg pasta) and the “Quadrotti”, the original biscuits of Valgrande!

Bigoli with egg


Where can you find our products?

The products of “La dispensa di Valgrande” are available at:

  • Azienda Agrituristica Valgrande
    via Riviera, 849 – Runzi di Bagnolo di Po (Ro)
  • La Bottega dell’Agricoltore
    piazza Annonaria – Rovigo
The Paintry of Valgrande