The Exteriors

relaxation & harmony with the environment

Our Pool

The Valgrande Farmhouse offers a private swimming pool for the relaxation of their guests.

Relaxation is the master in a natural environment where you can find your own tranquillity by listening to the silence.

Our pool offers you the opportunity to listen to the songs of the swallows, which come down to drink and lightly touch the water, and to listen to the pheasants that move careless of the presence of the visitors.

At the pool, you will find at your disposal sun loungers with beach umbrellas, tables and beach chairs.

The Countryside

The Polesine countryside, which surrounds the Valgrande farmhouse, is the right place for those who look for relaxation and well-being.

In summer, you will be pampered by the relaxing chirp of the crickets, which you can listen to while comfortably seating under the porch; at the same time, in your evening walks on the dirt paths of the countryside, you will be illuminated on the way by the dim and fascinating light of the small fireflies.

What’s more, you will be surrounded by the scent of the rural nature that will inebriate you and that will make you discover new scents that you are not used to.
All this is what you will find in the countryside surrounding the farmhouse, and that you will be able to admire while walking or cycling, fully immersed in the relaxation offered by the nature and by the close contact with it.

The Organic Vegetable Garden

The organic vegetable garden is the heart of the Valgrande Farmhouse.

In fact, all our products come straight from the organic garden of Valgrande; you can enjoy them during your stay or you can simply take advantage of the menus chosen for you in our restaurant.
The Valgrande Farmhouse have started their conversion process from traditional farming to organic farming.

The goal of our company is to be able to offer our guests a high-quality and healthy production, with a special consideration to the protection of the environment that surrounds the farmhouse and that is the heritage of us all.

The Exteriors