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It will not be a journey to the past, but a journey into the memories of the flavours.…

Valgrande’s Proposal

The meat menu that you can taste at the restaurant of the Valgrande Farmhouse is conceived starting from the meat that we work right inside the company.

The cured meats, a specialty of the house, are made by following some ancient traditions that have been handed down to the Valgrande family.

Next to these foods, your eyes will not remain indifferent to the typical products of the territory, such as the renowned and delicious “Prosciutto Dolce di Montagnana DOP” (a delicious PDO Italian salt-cured ham made in Montagnana). You will also have the opportunity to taste the famous “pinza” (a typical Italian dessert) and some vegetables preserved in sweet and sour sauce; before being served on your plate, these vegetables were grown in the organic vegetable garden of the company and were later worked by Monica’s and her staff’s expert hands, following the ancient recipes.

In addition to this, we want to point out the delicious homemade “pasta all’uovo” (egg pasta), enriched by sauces prepared according to traditional recipes. But let’s not forget the “cappelletti” (a kind of pasta) in capon broth, the PGI rice from the Delta with “tastasal” (meat) or with the typical seasonings of the traditional Venetian cuisine.

The meats that you will taste in this menu are chicken, guinea fowl, capon, duck, goose and rabbit – all animals strictly bred in the farm according to natural methods.

The offer of desserts that will complete your meal is wide and it embraces the different traditions coming from the Polesine and the neighbouring territories. For example, you will find the traditional “brazadea”, a sweet ring-shaped cake that is served for breakfast to the guests of the Valgrande Farmhouse, or you can taste the “zaleti” biscuits, or even tarts with jams made in summer from the fruit we collect, or the “Zuppa inglese” (a layered cake with crème patissière), the “Salame al cioccolato” (soft chocolate cake made with melted chocolate and biscuits), “la Sbrisolona” (a typical cake with butter, flour and almonds) and the “tenerine al cioccolato” (soft cakes made with chocolate and butter).

On the contrary, the wine is not present among the typical products of the Polesine, so Alberto chooses it and has it arrive from the best wineries of the Veneto region.

Valgrande Proposal

Vegetarian Proposal

In the Restaurant of the Valgrande Farmhouse you can find, in addition to the meat menu, a menu dedicated to those who have chosen to follow the vegetarian diet.

All the products that will be served have been checked and chosen by Alberto and Monica themselves.

The dishes we serve are created starting from the vegetables that grow in each season, and the vegetables are grown in the organic vegetable garden of the company. You will only find products from crops that are respectful of the environment and that are locally produced. The dishes are related to seasonality, so as to rediscover the flavours of the past, when there were no supermarkets and no large-scale distribution that allowed us to have fruit and vegetables not of the season.

The very same care we put in preparing the dishes for the vegetarians will also be put for those who suffer from particular allergies or intolerances. Just ask, and we will prepare the right dishes for the diet you are following.

Monica and Alberto would like to stress their commitment in the preparation of the dishes that you will taste. As a matter of fact, they have joined with great decision and determination the procedural guideline named R.A.C. (Ristoro Agrituristico Conviviale) – which was conceived by the association Agriturist – with the goal to satisfy their guests from the moment they sit at the table until they leave the walls of the company.

Do not be afraid to ask; Alberto and Monica will do everything to please you!

Vegetarian Proposal

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