Cycling with Alberto | All the itineraries!

Welcome to the webpage dedicated to the previews of all the biking itineraries in Polesine that you will later discover with Alberto.

This page is constantly updated, and will allow you to see all the bike itineraries you can choose from in Polesine, starting from the Valgrande farmhouse. Here you will discover all the places hidden in the pristine nature that you will later see during your holiday, in complete relaxation, and with slow rhythms that distinguish our territory!

Here below you can find all the videos we have made along the most beautiful cycling routes of Polesine!

Click on each video to discover each itinerary! (Attention, please – all the videos are in Italian)

The first itinerary we suggest is from Valgrande to Villa Nani Mocenigo in Canda (Rovigo)!

The second itinerary is dedicated to “La via dei Gorghi” in Trecenta!

In Polesine, it is possible to go shopping by bike! In this video, we show you the places where you can go shopping!

Polesine is the land of the two rivers par excellence! Let’s discover the itineraries by bike on the banks of the Po river!

A few kilometers from Valgrande stands an ancient distillery famous all over the world! Let’s go discover its museum and let’s understand how to make a good distillate!

Let’s discover the beautiful city of Ferrara, reachable from the Valgrande by bike!

Let’s discover the two most ancient and most beautiful cities of Alto Polesine, Lendinara and Badia Polesine!

A new video is coming soon!

All cycling routes in Polesine are described!

In this section, we will describe all the individual routes you have seen in the videos “In bici con Alberto” (Cycling with Alberto)! A real guide in your PC, tablet or smart phone! (Attention please – texts in Italian)

E se vuoi puoi scaricare la guida a “L’Arte in Polesine” così da avere sotto mano e anche offline tutti i percorsi che ti consigliamo!

Cycling with Alberto | All the itineraries!